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Thursday February 02, 2023

End of U.S. dollar strength will benefit emerging markets, says Deutsche Bank

Stefanie Holtze-Jen of the bank says "just to pick one out would be unfair" as it's something that will benefit emerging markets as a whole.

Friday January 27, 2023

The U.S. dollar may hold the key to whether this market rally can last

How equities react to a potential bounce in dollar strength could be a signal about where markets will go next.

Thursday January 19, 2023

Asian currencies will benefit from a weaker U.S. dollar this year, OCBC Bank says

Selena Ling of the bank says the dollar was "king" in 2022, but the "story has really changed" as the U.S. Federal Reserve is approaching the peak terminal rate.

Friday January 13, 2023

Expect to see continued dollar weakness in 2023, UBS says

Dominic Schnider of UBS Global Wealth Management says the U.S. Federal Reserve is going to stop hiking interest rates.

Markets & Economics

Friday February 03, 2023

Black women are gaining ground in the labor market but still face unique barriers

January's jobs data shows the unemployment rate fell for Black women. A tight la...

Friday February 03, 2023

Here’s where the jobs are for January 2023 — in one chart

Leisure and hospitality saw an increase of 128,000 jobs in the month, led by 99,...

Friday February 03, 2023

Jobs report shows increase of 517,000 in January, crushing estimates, as unemployment rate hit 53-year low

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to increase by 187,000 in January, according to D...

Wednesday February 01, 2023

Private payroll growth slowed to 106,000 in January as weather hit hiring, ADP says

Companies added just 106,000 new workers for the month, down from an upwardly re...

Canadian Business

Friday - Feb 03, 2023

Did supply management help Canada sidestep the ong...


Canada's egg industry appears to be quietly sidestepping widespread shortages and wildly spiking prices affecting other countries, and some say supply management is to thank.

Friday - Feb 03, 2023

Elon Musk cleared in trial over tweets about takin...


A jury has cleared Elon Musk of wrongdoing for 2018 tweets in which he declared he had financing to take Tesla private.

Friday - Feb 03, 2023

U.S. added 517,000 jobs last month, pushing unempl...

job hiring sign

The U.S. economy added more than half a million jobs in January, an astonishing number that pushed the jobless rate down to its lowest level in half a century.

Thursday - Feb 02, 2023

It's not delivery, it's discontinued: Nestlé to s...

Nestle-Frozen 20230202

Several well-known frozen food brands, including Delissio pizza, will disappear from Canadian stores over the next six months as Nestlé shifts its focus to other products.

Thursday - Feb 02, 2023

The grocery price freeze is over — so brace your...

Shopping for fruit in a supermarket

The holiday price freeze put in place by some of Canada's biggest grocery chains has hit its expiry date, so shoppers should brace themselves for some news that could be hard to swallow: get ready for your food bill to go up. By a lot. Again. 

Thursday - Feb 02, 2023

ChatGPFee? Makers of AI tool will soon offer paid ...

ChatGPT phone

The makers of artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT say they will soon roll out a paid version of the service in a pilot project, where people willing to spend $20 US a month will get preferential access and treatment.